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About Us

Dhamtrip export division exports different goods and services all over the world. Our products are fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, flowers, dairy products and organic fruits and vegetables. Our services are Web development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Accountancy and Bookkeeping, Backend Office, Data Entry,etc.

Our main focus is on immunity booster products that are totally organic and natural, like A-2 quality Cow Ghee, Shilajit (mumijo), Black Cumin, Lakadong Turmeric, Morel Mushroom (Gucchi Mushroom), etc. These products are found in the Himalayas regions in very small quantities. These products are 100% pure without any adulteration. These products are testified by government approved labs.

To ensure the quality of products, we have collaboration with direct farmers and different associations. Our each product is hand-picked and direct from the farms and jungles of Himalaya regions.

Our story

We started in 1996 by the name of Ambika Agro Industry and spread our products all over India. Our products were approved by American Soybean Association and top ranked in the United States Department of Agriculture.

In 2003, our Director Ashok Kumar Budhiraja completed a short course in FMCG from University of Illinois, U.S.A. After that, we set up our marketing division in the name of Ambika Managing & Marketing  Co. and had a collaboration with the multi national companies such as Godrej- food division, Victoria Foods Pvt. Ltd., Cremica Agro Foods Ltd. Mrs. Bector Foods Specialities Ltd.,  Ahaar Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd., Born Nutrients Pvt. Ltd., Sahiba Species, etc.

In 2009, we had started our exports division by the name Phlox Exports Pvt. Ltd. and also entered in the tourism sector in the name of Dhamtrip.com. Dhamtrip extended its boundaries to domestic and International tourism business. 

In 2020, we merged all our business related to FMCG, tourism, exports, and marketing under one brand “Dhamtrip.com”.

In the vision of the Covid 19 pandemic, immunity booster products are essential to fight against this pandemic. It’s our duty to serve the soceity by providing FMCG products without adulteration at the best prices.

The management workers of our company are reputed and well accomplished in their field. They help us to give round the clock quality facility to our clients. We have a 365 days 24X7 help desk to provide our customers any sustain they want. The management being of the company to reach greater heights, the company is run by a group of highly knowledgeable and expert persons. Ashok Budhiraja is the Director and the Manager of the company. He takes care of all the activities of the group. He is moving with his efficient staffs and their duties devotedly